What if you could create a connection with your clients and keep them informed of your latest developments on a regular basis?

According to a Statista study in 2015, “86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly”. You need a compelling and meaningful monthly e-newsletter letting your visitors know what you’ve been up to. New products, new awards, new employees, changes in your company that may impact the way you do business with them.

Connect, they want to hear from you!

Are you already sending them a monthly email, but you need more content, more “meat” to attract them? Let us create content for you. It can be related to your industry, or just quirky enough to entertain your visitors. Let’s grow your email address base and create new potential clients. 58% of all revenue is generated by segmented and targeted emails according to a Direct Marketing Association study in 2015.

We will review your site for readability, typos, and sentence structures, and provide fresh material to keep your site SEO active. You may be using technical jargon, you know your stuff, your clients may want to understand a little better. We can help you achieve both, be technical enough to satisfy the nerds out there, but also common enough that your aunt would understand the benefits.

Open a whole new world!

For companies in the Northeast interested in reaching the French Canadian market just over the border, we’ll create a marketing campaign in both French and English so you cover all your bases!

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