Lonely International Tractor

My focus when I translate is making sure the translation not only reflects the meaning of the original text but that it also has the same “voice”. If you don’t understand what you are reading, you will never be able to convey the right message. If you understand the meaning, but you are not a good writer, the message will not be delivered properly.

Writing and Translating Go Hand in Hand

When you’re a writer and happen to be bilingual, it makes sense that you would also translate your, and others’, words. You already know how to put thoughts into words, transferring them into another language is easy. Or maybe not. It is important to know your audience. You will not speak in the same voice when translating a lingerie website, let’s say, as you would a car manufacturer’s website.


I have been in the IT industry prior to my translating days, and this is my focus. I translate user manuals and screens. I also work with websites, instruction manuals and packaging for products such as home furnishings, fashion, toys, retail, and outside furniture.

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